Healthy and sustainable production

You can examine our quality promise down to the smallest detail

That’s why we have installed internal and external monitoring systems along the entire production and supply chain. Thanks to our transparent production, you can follow every step from planting to sale. Traceability, certifications, residue monitoring and goods inward inspection guarantee the safety of our products.

Quality begins long before the harvest

Our growers farm produce using controlled integrated farming methods. This means that they only use healthy seeds and plants, work the soil with minimum impact, and use natural methods of pest control before employing chemical additives. Only as much fertiliser is used as is necessary to support natural ripening. This means that the health-enhancing minerals, vitamins and fibre of our produce are fully retained.

Quality assurance

To ensure quality, we support the growers with soil analyses, residue controls, crop protection recommendations and suggestions for cultivation in accordance with the guidelines of the German Federal Working Group on Fruit and Vegetables.

The certified and renowned quality management systems (QS, GLOBALG.A.P. and IFS) guarantee the consistently high quality and traceability of the products. Partners of our intensive quality management system are IFS, Agrizert, ACG, Ecocert, ABCert, and regional associations such as Regionalfenster, geprüfte Qualität Hessen and gesicherte Qualität Rheinland-Pfalz.