History of Pfalzmarkt

Pfalzmarkt Flags Entrance
  • 1926
  • Foundation of the “Pfälzische Gemüsezentrale, Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Genossenschaftsverbände Landau und Ludwigshafen a. Rh. GmbH”, Schifferstadt.

  • 1951
  • Foundation “Obst und Gemüsegroßmarkt Schifferstadt eG”

  • 1957
  • Merger with the “Obst- und Gemüseabsatzgenossenschaft Heiligenstein GmbH”

  • 1985
  • Merger

    Following dissolutions, mergers, mergers and mergers, the merger agreement of 28 November 1985 between the “Obst- und Gemüsegroßmarkt Schifferstadt eG” and the “Obst- und Gemüsegroßmarkt Südpfalz-Landau eG” combined the most important and largest closed cultivation area for outdoor vegetables in order to counter the strong competition in the Palatinate, the increasing concentration in the food sector and the increasing competition from abroad.

  • 1987
  • New location

    The new “Pfalzmarkt für Obst und Gemüse eG” moved to the new location in Mutterstadt, Neustadter Straße in 1987 with a now covered area of approx. 42,000 sqm.

  • 2003
  • New construction of the plant in Hatzenbühl

  • 2005
  • New construction of Hall 2 in Mutterstadt

  • 2013
  • Merger with the Obst- und Gemüsegroßmarkt Maxdorf-Lambsheim eG

  • 2021
  • New construction of hall 4 in Mutterstadt