Swiss chard

Swiss chard has long, flat, broad, slightly ribbed stems which are white, yellow or red depending on how mature the plant is. Swiss chard tastes like a cross between spinach and sorrel. The leaves have a slightly bitter aroma The stems taste nutty and are reminiscent of asparagus.

Swiss chard
Swiss chard

Swiss chard – Fresh from Pfalzmarkt

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Cultivation & harvest

Evenly moist soil with good structure and deep, humus and nutrient-rich properties form a solid basis for growing chard. In addition, a sunny to semi-shady location supports a high-yield harvest.


Swiss chard can be steamed, eaten raw or marinated as chard salad, or served in a soup, stuffed with a savoury filling or simply as a vegetable side dish. The stems can be prepared in the same way as asparagus.


Swiss chard only keeps for a very short time after harvesting and should be consumed as quickly as possible. It is best stored wrapped in a damp towel in the crisper drawer of the fridge, then it will keep for around two days.