Muscat pumpkin

The Muscat pumpkin is a round, ribbed squash. The Muscat is closely related to the Butternut squash. It has fewer seeds than most other pumpkin varieties, which means that it yields more flesh. This and its pleasantly aromatic flavour make the Muscat a real favourite.

Muscat pumpkin
Muscat pumpkin

The Muscat is closely related to the Butternut squash.

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Cultivation & harvest

Heat-loving Muscat pumpkins are grown in sunny to semi-shady places. The soil should have a high content of organic matter and be well drained. Waterlogging should be avoided in any case.


The muscat pumpkin can be used in the kitchen in many ways. Not only in desserts, the spicy flavor can develop perfectly. In autumnal soups, tasty salads, casseroles or even exotic chutneys, the pumpkin makes a good shape. The Muscat pumpkin can be eaten both raw and cooked.


If the pumpkin is intact, it can be stored in a dry and cool place for several months. If the muscat pumpkin has already been cut, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days.