Bimi® Broccoli

Bimi® Broccoli is a very special broccoli variety with a long, juicy stem. It is a true superfood with vitamins A and C for skin, potassium for maintaining normal blood pressure, and folate (a B vitamin) to boost immunity.

Bimi® broccoli – Fresh from Pfalzmarkt

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Cultivation & harvest

Bimi® broccoli is a highly nutritious crop. According to its needs, it is grown in deep, nutrient-rich soils that offer good water storage capacity. The location is also selected as sunny as possible.


Bimi® broccoli has a gorgeous sweet crunch, a vibrant green colour and you can cook with it in almost any way you can imagine (without losing any of the delicious flavour or texture). Bimi® broccoli can be enjoyed complete from stem to floret. No snipping, no waste.


In the vegetable compartment of the fridge, Bimi® Broccoli usually stays fresh for 3-4 days.