No fruit is bought and consumed or processed more than the apple. Depending on the variety, the core fruit tastes juicy-sweet, mild, tart-spicy, acidic or very acidic.


Apples – Fresh from Pfalzmarkt

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Cultivation & harvest

Planting time for apple trees is in the fall. Basically, the choice of location for apple trees is decisive for the vitamin content of the fruit. Thanks to many hours of sunshine and a mild climate, the Palatinate invites you to harvest apples rich in vitamins.


Apples have a huge variety of uses in the kitchen, such as for preparing cakes, puddings, sauce or juice. Even salads can be refined with apple (e.g. carrot salad). There is the right type of apple for every recipe. Varieties that do not break down or become too juicy are best for cakes, such as Boskoop and Jonagold. Apple sauce and compote turn out well with sorts that hold their form when cooked, such as Elstar and Braeburn. Sweet dishes taste better with more sour varieties. It’s best to use sweeter flavours for making savoury dishes.


Apples keep for about a week at room temperature, longer when refrigerated, depending on the variety.