Pleasure and quality from the heart of the German Pfalz region


More than 70 varieties of vegetables

Avenues of almond trees in glorious blossom, fig trees in the gardens and excellent wines: 1,800 hours of sun every year and a Mediterranean climate make this part of the German Pfalz into a region that is unrivalled in terms of enjoyment and quality of life. We, Pfalzmarkt, is a cooperative of 250 growers who use the excellent climatic conditions to produce fruit and vegetables of outstanding quality.

On the market four weeks earlier

Due to ideal conditions we bring our produce to market four weeks earlier on average than other vegetable growing areas in Germany – and our goods remain just as much longer after the season there is over.

250,000 tons of fruit and vegetables

Of the 15,000 hectares we produce from, 13,000 hectares are connected to our central sprinkling system - the largest such system in Germany. The result of this extremely fertile combination of climate, irrigation, soils and specialist expertise is 250,000 tons of fruit and vegetables, 95 per cent are vegetables.

With more than 70 varieties of vegetables we supply a range of produce that our customers appreciate very much.