Mirabelle plums

The mirabelle is a subspecies of the plum. The stone fruit tastes delicately aromatic and sweet and its flesh is easy to remove from the stone.

Mirabelle plums
Mirabelle plums

Mirabelle plums – Fresh from Pfalzmarkt

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Cultivation & harvest

Mirabelle plum trees develop the best fruits in warm, sunny and wind-protected locations. The stone fruit requires a loose, permeable and particularly nutrient-rich soil. The exact time of harvest is determined by the color of the skin typical of the variety. For mirabelle plums, the longer they ripen on the tree, the sweeter their taste.


Mirabelle plums are very good for conserving with winter spices or preparing compote, jam or cakes and gateaux.


Like berry fruits, mirabelle plums should be eaten as soon as possible after purchase, as they are very delicate and don’t keep well.