Healthy and sustainable production

Our quality

Our commitment to quality is under scrutiny, right down to the last detail!

To do this we have installed internal and external control systems along the entire production and delivery chain. With our transparent production process you can follow every step from cultivation to sale. The safety of our products is guaranteed through traceability, certifications, backlog monitoring and incoming goods inspection.

Quality begins long before harvest

Our growers work with controlled integrated cultivation. This means that only healthy seed and planting material is used, the soil is carefully prepared and pests are dealt with in a natural way before any chemical additives are deployed. Fertilizers are only used to the degree that they support natural ripening. This way the health-promoting minerals, vitamins and roughage of our products remain fully intact.

Quality assurance

For quality assurance purposes we support our growers with soil analyses, residue checks, plant protection recommendations and cultivation suggestions in accordance with the German Federal Fruit and Vegetables Working Group.