Divided tasks with a shared goal

Our Cooperative

A combined range of 250 growers

Production is one part of our business and the other part is marketing. While our growers concentrate on cultivating produce, we organize sales, distribution, storage and transport. This reduces the work on our growers’ part in terms of organization, time and finance, increases the turnover rate and ensures higher cost efficiency. Our combined output from 250 farms makes us a force to be reckoned with in the market - and one of the most highly productive growers’ cooperatives in Europe.

Best quality as our self-image

The quality of our produce is part of the way we see ourselves. It is our most important task to maintain this quality on its way to market. Using most advanced logistical aid we bring our fruit and vegetables to our customers as fresh as if they have only just been harvested. Certified and checked to the very latest quality standards at any time.